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13 Oct 2010

Trip Report Denmark (Part 1)

Last month me and my girlfriend went on a holiday to Denmark for a week. We had a great time, visited a lot of places and took hundreds of pictures. In this post you can find a trip report containing the best pictures and tips on places to see.


The first three days of this holiday we visited Copenhagen. These three days were the most interesting, but also the most intensive days of the holiday. There are so many places to visit in Copenhagen!

If you are in Copenhagen to do some sightseeing I advice you to get yourself a Copenhagen card. This card is valid for 72 hours and includes entrance fees for almost all attractions and public transport. And it only costs 63€.

Ripley’s believe it or not museum

Next to the TV show hosted by Superman, there are Ripley’s believe it or not museums spread over the world. Although this museum isn’t a must-see, the bizarre items featured are definitely entertaining.

Dansk Design Center

Although this is one of the museums my girlfriend had to drag me to, it turned out to be not that bad. The UX people out there will find this very interesting.


This palace used to be the home of the Danish monarchy. Today Christianborg is the seat of the parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Supreme Court.

The palace is probably most known for it’s turbulent past. It had to be rebuilt two times due to serious fires.

A small part of the palace is open to the public. The inside of the palace is even more impressive than the outside!


Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world. It was built over 150 years ago. Although you can’t compare it to Disney World, this is a must-see. If you go there, I advice you to go by night.

Zoological Museum

In this museum there is a permanent exhibition called From Pole To Pole. There is also a semi-permanent Darwin exhibition.

Copenhagen Zoo

The Copenhagen Zoo is definitely worth a visit. The main reason we wanted to go there is because we wanted to see a Tasmanian Devil. Copenhagen Zoo is the only zoo outside of Australia that has Tasmanian Devils in captivity. It turned out it didn’t totally live up to our expectation.

The Tasmanian Devil guarding its territory borders, is not that scary, right?


Christiania is a special part of Copenhagen. This part of Copenhagen is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood. In the seventies a group of hippies founded this freetown. Although the government tried to turn the situation around at first, in the late seventies Christiania was tolerated and considered a social experiment.

This probably was the weirdest experience of this trip. Soft drugs are tolerated and publicly sold in Christiania, giving this freetown a very special atmosphere. People from all around Copenhagen get together here to smoke, socialize and chill.

Too bad taking pictures at Pusher Street isn’t allowed.

Rosenborg castle

This castle used to be a country summerhouse for the monarchy. Today it is a museum exhibiting the Royal Collection and Crown Jewels.


Nyhaven, meaning new harbor, is very popular among tourists. It is best known for its colorful buildings and cozy restaurants.


For people with an architectural fetish there are tons of buildings worth visiting. The ones that impressed me the most are the Black Diamond and the new Opera House.