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09 May 2011

My thoughts on WebMatrix

After building, I felt like I had to do a follow-up post sharing my experiences with WebMatrix. While doing some research, I came across this post by Rob Connery. And frankly, I think it’s almost impossible for me to add something to his findings.

In a nutshell

For those who are here for the “tl;dr”, here are my thoughts on WebMatrix..

WebMatrix is the perfect framework to start with ASP.NET development (wish I had). For people who are already familiar with ASP.NET, WebMatrix will hardly have any learning curve. They should also have a look at it though, because it’s a lot of fun ├índ it is a great framework to get things done. Every developer has been asked - at least once - to slap together a site for a distant acquaintance, where the site consists of mostly static pages, with a dynamic List<Something> pulled out of a database. I see WebMatrix as a perfect gluing framework to swiftly ship these types of projects. While you could probably also build something more enterprisey, I don’t think you should.

See for yourself

I have uploaded the source of Download WebMatrix using the WebPlatform Installer and see for yourself.

You might notice that the project is called arealprogrammer. That was the name of the project before I bought the wrong domain name.