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29 Sep 2011

A real developer knows when to pull the plug

My mini-website will no longer be available online after tomorrow.

I slapped it together over a weekend, trying out WebMatrix, which turned out to be the perfect companion for building small things.

A pleasant surprise was the mention of ‘A Real Developer’ by the guys at Channel9. This made the traffic go through the roof for a few days.

A few months later the site was a ghosttown. But I don’t mind, had to happen. It never had the ambition to deliver real value. I was more than happy to deliver five minutes of entertainment.

To have a memento, I uploaded the source to GitHub. Remember, it’s far from clever or impressive. However, I do think it can serve as a nice introduction-by-example to WebMatrix.

I committed the latest database as well, so now you can read all the quotes (even the bad ones), and start your own t-shirt business ;).