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24 Jan 2013

RavenDB: Drop all collections

I never stub or mock the database when I’m using RavenDB. Generally, I use an embeddable documentstore running in memory, and initialize a new instance on every test. However, I like to run some stress tests against a real instance, and here I found myself wanting to wipe clean the state of previous tests, without having to create a new database (which is rather slow).

First I create the default DocumentsByEntityName index to make sure it’s there - it normally gets created when you open the studio for the first time. Then I use one of the advanced database commands: DeleteByIndex, and query all the tags.

using (var session = _documentStore.OpenSession())
        new RavenDocumentsByEntityName().Execute(_documentStore);
                new IndexQuery { Query = "Tag: *" });                

This technique doesn’t seem to be widely used judging by the first page of Google search results. If there is a reason for that though, let me know!