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07 Jul 2013

Fireworks, Tequila and Silvertown Blues

After a strenuous drive from Los Angeles to San Diego, we took advantage of the mild climate to unwind at San Diego’s Aquatica.

Being the 4th of July, we joined the festivities and watched the fireworks from the car. Sadly we didn’t get to see a redo of last year’s spectacle, when San Diego accidentally launched all its fireworks in 30 seconds.

Next we headed for Joshua Tree National Park. With temperatures flirting with 100°F (38°C), we took on one small hike and drove up to two viewpoints; Skull Rock and Key’s View. Driving through cities of the plain in the California desert, we stopped in Barstow for some Mexican food and Corona, to finally faceplant in our pillows. 

This morning we got up early to hunt down some ghosts in the silver town of Calico. Too bad they couldn’t keep the ghost town more authentic. 

Tonight: Sin City.

Fireworks, Tequila and Silvertown Blues