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12 Jul 2013

The long highway

We’re past halfway our trip and we need to make headway if we want to stay on schedule and reach Yellowstone by Sunday. Long, but pleasant drives; if you’re used to Belgian traffic.

Yesterday we visited Capitol Reef National Park. We originally planned on doing the Hickman Bridge Trail, but apparently there had recently been a big rock fall, blocking access at the trailhead. As an alternative we did the Narrows trail at Grand Wash Road, which was carved by a stream ages ago and is now still sometimes victim to flashfloods. Afterwards, we followed the scenic route, which made us zigzag between big boulders, on- and off-road.

In the evening we arrived at touristy Moab, going to dinner felt a lot like home, being surrounded by Dutch-speaking people. The temperature and the view gave away our true location though.

This morning, instead of hiking, we chose another means of transportation: we rented a UTV (Utility Vehicle). This allowed us to explore the Sand Flats Recreation Area, maneuvering over slick rocks and small desert dunes, following a trail of black skid marks. We completed the Hell’s Revenge Trail, which lives up to its name; it was frighteningly exciting.

Since this already took up a big chunk of our day and we still had a four hour drive to Salt Lake City ahead of us, we had to do the Arches National Park scenic drive in the fast lane.

The long highway