Jef Claes

On software and life

21 Sep 2011

Comfortably numb

Something that can bother me tremendously is being surrounded by people who are in a constant state of being comfortably numb. People who don’t welcome change, try to scare away new concepts and are just too much at home in their comfort zone. Some are perfectly happy filling their days keeping up appearances of being busy. They don’t care about self-improvement, but only care about augmenting their paychecks by accumulating as much legacy baggage as possible, with the sole intention of being perceived as an irreplaceable asset to the company, whilst not having to leave their comfort zone. These people also have the tendency to shy away from responsibility and commitment. They are satisfied with doing just enough to not draw any attention to themselves.

It’s really tempting to just go along, and follow. After all, it’s in human nature to strive for comfort: the path of the least resistance. If you are reading this blog, you probably already belong to the group of people who care about their craft, and are aiming for something more than the status quo. I applaud you. For you, this post only serves as a reminder that you should constantly evaluate your current position and be honest with yourself: Am I still moving forward?