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24 Jul 2012

Ferrari red. Lamborghini yellow.

After 14 hours and 34 minutes in the car, driving 1148km, over the German autobahn, swerving Austrian roads, and the Italian autostrade, defying overwhelming hail storms, roadwork and miles long tunnel congestions, we arrived at Torbole, Italy.

Torbole is a small village, nestled between the mountains, right at the edge of Lake Garda. While the lakeside view is astonishing, you have to pick the right time to truly experience it. In the daytime, the village is overwhelmed by tourists; miles long rows of cars queue to enter the village, pizzerias and ristorantes on every corner, Germans galore. This doesn’t take away that this location is a great launching point to visit other places in northern Italy though.

After a lazy day yesterday, we drove two hours South today, to Sant’Agata Bolognese and Maranello, to visit two legendary car manufacturers: Lamborghini and Ferrari. While both museums only take around 40 minutes to visit, I definitely was more impressed by the Lamborghini museum. Compared to the Ferrari museum, the Lamborghini museum seemed to exhibit far more (non-racing) eccentric and rare models.

Since both museums failed to entertain us for longer than an hour, we visited Verona on our way back. While we didn’t enter any tourist attractions, we enjoyed strolling through the old town, blending into the mass, only halting on a Roman square to pay way too much for an iced cappuccino which was served lukewarm.