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15 Jul 2013

The road goes on forever

We didn’t get to see a lot of Salt Lake City. Before heading to Idaho Falls, we hung around at the mall, feasted on Sushi, and bought new hiking shoes since ours literally fell apart.
Since Idaho Falls just served as a launching point to Yellowstone, we filled the hole in our schedule with a date night; we had BBQ and went to see WorldWar Z.

After another long drive the next day, we exchanged the dirt for greener scenery. We drove through Grand Teton, to get to of one our last and most anticipated destinations; Yellowstone National Park. We spent two days here, in which we drove across the extensive volcanic area, stopping at all popular attractions (geysers, pools, waterfalls…), spotting and stalking wildlife on the way. 

Instead of a motel, we slept in the wild - in bear country, in a Tipi. Although our host armed us with bear spray, we got a good night’s sleep. Today however, we did spot a baby Grizzly bear from afar!

Tomorrow will be our last day, which we will spend in Cody, Wyoming.

The road goes on forever