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12 May 2014

What if we stored events instead of state? - slides

I just returned from Croatia, where I got to speak twice at the second edition of The Geek Gathering.

Being such a young conference, I had no idea what to expect. Turns out they have a good thing going on; a small, local and very personal approach to conferences. Speakers both local and international, covering topics that serve the community, not their employer.

Together with Tom, I preached Alberto‘s Event Storming during a four hour long workshop. As always, people were impressed by how quick you can gain an understanding of a new domain using this technique. Slides of this workshop will be online after I make some tweaks, and try it in Paris on Friday.

In my second talk, I got to share what I’ve learned these last two years on event sourcing. You can find the slides of that talk on Slideshare. Thanks Tom, Mathias, Stijn, Yves and Bart for reviewing them!