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14 Oct 2010

Trip Report Denmark (Part 2)

If you missed the first part of this trip report, you can find it here.


After three days of Copenhagen we stayed at Funen for two days. This is the smallest of the three big islands of Denmark. Our motel was in a small town called Faaborg.

During these two days in Funen the most impressive attraction we went to see was the Egeskov Castle. This castle is Europe’s best preserved Renaissance water castle. You can also walk around in the big park surrounding the castle, or visit the five museums on the Egeskov domain. The vintage automobile and motorcycle museums are awesome!


The last three days of our trip we stayed at the biggest island (peninsula) of Denmark, Jutland.

Here we visited the oldest city of Denmark, went hiking and strolled the cleanest beaches in Europe. A perfect place to relax and find new energy.


This trip was amazing. From Copenhagen to Jutland, this country has surprised me hundreds of times. We got the best out of Denmark’s culture and history in Copenhagen, and enjoyed the beauty of Denmark’s nature in Funen and Jutland. Summarized Denmark has it all!

One small drawback is that Denmark isn’t cheap. Everything is twice as expensive compared to Belgium. Although with some good looking around you can save a lot.