Jef Claes

On software and life

18 Sep 2016

Commands and events with JustSaying and AWS

I've been looking into handing a bit of our messaging infrastructure over to a managed alternative. Managing your own me...
21 Aug 2016

My InfoQ interview on DDD, events and legacy

Seems that it's impossible to beat the Gaussian curve of blogging frequency. On the other hand, I spent quite some of my...
27 Apr 2016

Pieter Hintjens

Writing doesn't necessarily always come naturally to me. It often takes me days, weeks or even months of toying with an ...
24 Apr 2016

Using a batch layer for fast(er) aggregations

In the oldest system I'm maintaining right now, we have an account aggregate that, next to mutating various balances, pr...
17 Apr 2016

Notifications from an event log

User notifications are a feature that came as an afterthought, but turned out to be rather easy to implement - without t...
28 Mar 2016

Functional one-liner for running totals in C#

Visualizing some data earlier this week I had to compute the [running total](
01 Jan 2016

Consumed in 2015

I started in [2014]( to keep lists of everything I consume. I've co...
20 Dec 2015

Visualizing event streams

In my recent talk on [Evil by Design](, I show...
18 Nov 2015

Slides from my talk "Evil by Design" at Build Stuff

Third time attending Build Stuff, first time doing a talk. I'm happy that it's out of the way and can now just enjoy the...
16 Nov 2015

Defining big wins

Casinos invest a lot of energy selling the dream. One way to do this is by showing off people winning big in your casino...