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18 Oct 2015

Bulk SQL projections with F# and type providers

Early Summer, I had to set up an integration with an external partner. They required of us to daily provide them with a ...
11 Sep 2015

Aspect ratio calculation

Earlier today I was writing a migration script in F\# where I had to calculate the aspect ratio based on the given scree...
22 Jun 2015

Basic casino math

In a previous series of posts, I went over the models used by casinos to spin a wheel ([spinning](
24 May 2015

Consumed: Queries and projections (F#)

This is the third post in my series on porting a node.js application to an F\# application. So far, I've looked at ...
17 May 2015

Consumed: Handling commands (F#)

As [I wrote earlier](, I've been working on po...
26 Apr 2015

Finding unused code (F#)

Coming from C\#, I'm used to the compiler warning me about unused variables. Relying on the compiler to help me with [ch...
19 Apr 2015

Consumed: Parsing command line arguments (F#)

Last year, I set out to write my first node.js application; a small web application for keeping lists of [everything I c...
29 Mar 2015

Checked errors in F#

In the land of C\#, exceptions are king. [By definition](
15 Mar 2015

Scaling promotion codes

In our system a backoffice user can issue a promotion code for users to redeem. Redeeming a promotion code, a user recei...
23 Feb 2015

Domain Language: The Playthrough Bonus

Since online gambling has been regulated in Belgium, basically each eligible license holder has complemented their land ...